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Reparations Agenda

Formerly enslaved ADOS ancestors who are owed reparations for United States slavery.
Martin Luther King Jr. fought for reparations for slavery. That was his unfinished work.


President Biden must direct Congress to propose and deliver to his desk a federally led and administered Reparations package that identifies a definite start date with no fixed ending date. President Biden must commit to seeing the Act faithfully executed. At minimum, the Reparations package should prioritize cash payments totaling $20 trillion to American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS). Together with targeted policies and protections, the redistributive measures will be ongoing and must remain in effect until—at the very least—the wealth gap between white Americans and ADOS is closed.


Taking into account the absence of reparations for chattel slavery, and the presence of the accrued cost of its brutal, 400-year legacy, the descendants of chattel slavery in the U.S. have been made to inherit a singular disadvantage in national life. The Biden-Harris administration, by executive fiat, must designate descendants of chattel slavery in the United States as a protected category. The ethnic designation should accord with the criteria set forth at and the pathway to repair be guided by President Biden’s Executive Order on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government. Additionally, any future studies or data collection by the U.S. government must disaggregate ADOS from the rest of the American population so that the specific needs of ADOS communities can be accurately quantified and addressed by targeted policies and investments. 

President Biden must call on Congress to create an Office of ADOS Affairs that will specifically advocate for the needs of ADOS people. The President must also charge the Office with creating a genealogy registry that will provide resources for ADOS people who wish to trace their ancestry to establish eligibility for slavery Reparations. The Office must also be charged with the collection of information and studies regarding stolen wealth by way of the destruction of Black businesses, stolen intellectual property, predatory lending, and the redlining of housing and insurance policies. Should Congress fail to act, President Biden must create the Office by executive order.

ADOS Timeline

Enslaved throughout American history


Start of Slavery


Declaration of Independence


Emancipation Proclamation


Jim Crow - Mass Incarceration