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Mission Statement

The American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) Advocacy Foundation is a grassroots organization that arose in response to a national landscape rife with yawning racialized gaps. With an eye toward the origins of these asymmetrical outcomes located in the institution of slavery, our organization prioritizes reparations for descendants of chattel slavery in the United States of America. Ours is an experience defined by the unique, shared cost of multigenerational plunder. And as we stand in the shoes of our ancestors, we insist upon a specific group designation as essential to this undertaking. 

During Reconstruction, America reneged on the promise of forty acres and a mule, depriving us of the fruits of citizenship and relegating us to a permanent bottom caste within the country that our ancestors built. Reparations is our birthright, and must come through multigenerational direct payments and a redistribution of land that rights the wrongs of the great land robbery.

A debt must be paid, and our inheritance protected. We insist upon an historic, targeted allotment of policy and protections that fulfills the promise of economic inclusion and integrates the descendants of chattel slavery into the drivers of wealth. This restoration—which brings us into alignment with the full measure of our contribution to the U.S.—requires mechanisms to safeguard against subprime and predatory capital and sweeping anti-discrimination legislation targeted for the protection of, and accelerated wealth creation of, the descendants of chattel slavery in the U.S.

Although our justice claim for reparations is sacred to ADOS, we are fiercely committed to advocating for policies that eliminate the divides faced by Black Americans with immigrant backgrounds. We recognize the lived experience of racism and discrimination among all Black people in America and we invite all people from all backgrounds to wp-signup.php this just cause.