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The Official

ADOS AF North Carolina State Chapter

The ADOS AF North Carolina Chapter focuses on political education and civic engagement with voters and legislators within North Carolina. Our mission is to foster the political maturity of the Black American community in North Carolina by informing individuals and their families on the need for reparations, lineage-based affirmative action, a new ethnic designation for ADOS, and Black Agenda items specific to the needs of Black Americans in North Carolina.

We connect the “dots” to the data of our economic condition by using a story-telling approach to invoke personal accountability that would lead toward transformative politics and tangible community empowerment.


State Legislation to Watch

The Official ADOS AF NC

Local Black Agenda


48% of NC renters have rent difficulty

Fair market rent in NC is $1,083 per month - 38% higher than it was five years ago.

Source: North Carolina Housing Coalition


Invest in our students

Today 32% more White students were considered 'grade-level proficient' at reading than Black peers.

Source: ABC 11, Latest student testing data reveals widening gaps in disparities

Unemployment & Labor

NC has 4th highest Black unemployment

17.3 % in 2013 compared to the 6.7 % unemployment for white Americans

Source: 2020 U.S. Energy & Employment Report

Criminal Justice Reform

Blacks contribute 51% to NC’s Prison Population

Despite being 22% of N.C. population

Source: “NC in Focus: Black Population in North Carolina, 2016

Agriculture Coming Soon

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