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The Official

ADOS AF Massachusetts State Chapter

ADOS Massachusetts is focused on advocating for policies that improve the lives Black residents in the Massachusetts 7th Congressional District and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our local chapter supports the demand of the ADOS Advocacy Foundation for Reparations for American Descendants of Slavery.

In addition, we support a robust and transformative legislative Black agenda that uplifts all Black Massachusetts residents.


State Legislation to Watch

The Official ADOS AF MA

Local Black Agenda


U.S. Black (ADOS) families have only $8 in wealth

Compared to Caribbean Black ($12,000) & White households ($247,5000)

Source: The Color of Wealth in Boston (2015)


Black households have a median income of $44,345

While white families have a median income of $115,431.

Source: Neilsberg Research

Home Ownership

Home ownership rate for Black residents is 30%

While the rate for white residents is 44%

Source: Boston's racial homeownership gap has widened. What will it take to fix it?

Lending Discrimination

2015-2020 lenders denied mortgages to Black applicants at 3x the rate of white applicants

Source: Black & Hispanic people are more likely to be denied mortgage loans in Boston

Renting Discrimination

71% of Black market-rate apartment seekers experience racial discrimination

In their housing search in the Greater Boston area

Source: Qualified Renters Need Not Apply

Housing Insecurity

44% of Black renters have experienced housing insecurity since 2019

This is a 7 percentage point increase from 2019.

Source: Housing Insecurity by Race and Place During the Pandemic

Black Entrepreneurship

Black people are 7.4% of the population in the Boston MSA but own less than 2% of all businesses

Boston, Cambridge, & Newton

Source: 2020 U.S. Decennial Census. 2020 Annual Business Survey.

Black Employment

Black workers are underrepresented among occupations like life sciences, legal, and tech (computer & math)

Occupations like these are among the higher paying occupations.

Source: New York Times

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