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The Official

ADOS AF Georgia State Chapter

The primary focus of ADOS AF in Georgia is to engage the public, community leaders, and politicians on the needs of ADOS individuals in the state. We aim to ensure the upward mobility of ADOS people in Georgia and across the country through a transformative Black Agenda and reparations for ADOS.

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The Official ADOS AF GA

Local Black Agenda


Affordable housing for Black Americans

The 2023 Black Georgia homeownership rate was 44.3. In 2022, 74.6% of White households owned their homes, while only 45.3% of Black households did.

Source: Urban Institute


Black unemployment rate in is 5.7%

We must ensure that Black Americans are employed with good paying jobs across all industries.

Source: Economic Policy Institute

Black Owned Business

Black businesses need greater access to capital to compete

Only 7.4% of businesses in the Georgia metro area are Black-owned including black immigrants.


Criminal Justice

Reforming the justice system is a top priority

Black Americans make up 32 percent of the GA population but 60 percent of the GA incarcerated population. We are disproportionally targeted.

Source: The State of Black Georgia Report 2022


ADOS are owed debt relief & reparations for decades

ADOS land ownership has diminished from 15 million to 3 million acres. There are only 48,697 black farmers in the country, 2,870 in Georgia

Source: Central Georgia's black farmers still face struggles today

Immigration and Demographic Change

We need Gov to ensure upward mobility

Currently GA is 32% Black and is estimated to add 1.2 million Latinos, 826,000 Asians, 751,000 Blacks, and 421,000 other between 2020 - 2050


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