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2024 Chapter Campaign Training

Election Seasoning

Tuesday, March 26th 8-9 PM ET
Every election season is an opportunity to improve our political taste. This campaign is to educate voters about local, state, and federal issues, get candidates committed to your local agenda and our federal one, and mobilize voter turnout. The power of a well-informed and disciplined electorate is invaluable.

Project First of the Month

Tuesday, April 23rd 8-9 PM ET
The most important policy in your local government is the budget. This campaign is to engage your chapter and the larger community in passing a city budget that addresses your agenda.

Reparations Resolutions

Tuesday, May 28th 8-9 PM ET
The federal government is the only entity that can pay the multi-trillion dollar debt owed to American Descendants of Slavery. That is why local reparations programs won’t work. This campaign is to pass a resolution calling on the U.S. Congress to enact federal reparations legislation.