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Happy National Volunteer Month

In honor of National Volunteer Month, I am pleased to address you today as we commemorate the remarkable growth and achievements of the ADOS Advocacy Foundation. Our journey has been one of resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to the improvement of our communities. As we stand on the brink of even greater opportunities, I am filled with immense pride for what we have accomplished collectively.

ADOS AF: MSNBC Misinformation

ADOS Advocacy Foundation Addresses Misnformation Recently Spread by MSNBC About Stance on Migrant Crisis The ADOS Advocacy Foundation strongly refutes the unfounded claims made by Ja’han Jones, a writer for […]

ADOS AF Harvard Defamation Lawsuit Statement

screenshot of legal complaint

ADOS AF Statement on Harvard Defamation Lawsuit Photo Credit: Court House News A retraction is one thing; it prevents any further damage from being done. But we as a justice-driven […]

Smear Reviewed: ADOS Advocacy Foundation Harvard Response

At a time when our wealthiest colleges and universities ought to be reckoning with the distinct role that slavery played in creating and sustaining them, and working with Black communities outside of academia to secure racial justice, it is regrettable to see Harvard University using its institutional might to try and discredit and libel activists most committed to that cause.