ADOS AF Harvard Defamation Lawsuit Statement

screenshot of legal complaint

ADOS AF Statement on Harvard Defamation Lawsuit Photo Credit: Court House News A retraction is one thing; it prevents any further damage from being done. But we as a justice-driven organization recognize that when harms are suffered, recompense for those injuries must be pursued. In this regard, the American Descendants of Slavery Advocacy Foundation (ADOS […]

ADOS AF Member on Reparations

Nikolaus Johnson of ADOS Advocacy Foundation expressed that the federal government will try and avoid responsibility for permitting slavery if too many smaller groups step in to make repairs.

ADOS AF: Massacre in Buffalo, NY

To the victims’ families we extend our most profound condolences, and alongside them we mourn all that which in a horrific instant was stolen from their lives.

Harvard Misinformation Review Admits Editorial ‘Failure’

Harvard Kennedy School Misinformation Review Retracts Article, Admitting Editorial ‘Failure’ Photo Credit: The Crimson The ADOS Advocacy Foundation was featured in the The Harvard Crimson, Harvard’s daily student newspaper regarding the retraction.Read more ->> Have you read our comprehensive Black agenda? Read more Need a speaker at your event? Event invite form

We Won! Official Harvard Retraction

We Won! Official Harvard Retraction On Juneteenth of 2021—at the formal unveiling of our organization—we vowed to useour infrastructure to exact a retraction of “Disinformation creep” from Harvard Kennedy School. We were able to get that retraction on December 20th, 2021.Read the full retraction from HKS ->> Have you read our comprehensive Black agenda? Read […]

Smear Reviewed: ADOS Advocacy Foundation Harvard Response

At a time when our wealthiest colleges and universities ought to be reckoning with the distinct role that slavery played in creating and sustaining them, and working with Black communities outside of academia to secure racial justice, it is regrettable to see Harvard University using its institutional might to try and discredit and libel activists most committed to that cause.