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ADOS AF New York State Chapter

ADOS Advocacy Foundation New York (ADOS AF NY) is focused on informing voters and public officials about the socioeconomic needs of ADOS people in New York. Our mission is to earn New Yorkers’ support for the ADOS community‚Äôs lineage-based justice claim.

Our goal is to secure federal reparations for ADOS and the passage, funding, and enforcement of state and local measures that will significantly improve the material condition of ADOS New Yorkers.

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The Official ADOS AF NY

Local Black Agenda


63% of white New Yorkers own their home, 43% of Black New Yorkers do

We want to improve the wealth position of ADOS New Yorkers

Source: December 2023 Racial Wealth Gap in New York Report

Mass Incarceration

Black people in NY are incarcerated at a rate 8.3 times higher than both white & Asian people

We want to address the overrepresentation of Black New Yorkers in state prisons and local jails.

Source: The Prison Policy Initiative - NY state profile


60% of heads of households in
New York City shelters are Black

We want an end to ADOS families living on the streets. Every ADOS family deserves a home.

Source: Coalition for the Homeless, 2022

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