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ADOS AF NY & Pres. Yvette Carnell on Queenzflip Podcast #231


ADOS Advocacy Foundation President Yvette Carnell Visits New York to Meet with New York Chapter and Film Queenzflip Podcast Episode on Disaggregation and Reparations

ADOS AF NY Chapter Liaisons Claudio Simpkins and Nikolaus Johnson, along with chapter Members Theodore Norman and Marcus Murphy, met with President Yvette Carnell to discuss the current New York state political climate and the next steps that should be implemented to expand the New York chapter.

On Queenzflip’s show, Flip da Script, the ADOS AF President had a very engaging and informative discussion with hosts QueenzFlip and DJ G Money regarding the importance of reparations for ADOS and why disaggregation is a crucial component to the data that will provide empirical evidence of the need for such reparations.  

Watch Full episode below: