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ADOS AF NY Attends New York Road to Reparations Panel


The event was sponsored by the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus (BPHA) of the New York State Legislature and local elected New York City officials. The discussion focused on the then-proposed legislation (New York Senate Bill S.1163-A) that New York State government would later sign into law to establish a state commission to study the history, effect, and unpaid debt of slavery on Black Americans living in New York State.

ADOS AF NY Chapter Liaisons Claudio Simpkins and Nikolaus Johnson and Chapter Member Marc Fraiser attended the Panel Discussion in-person while many other ADOS AF members attended online via the live stream. The discussion touched upon a wide range of topics including:

  • The history of slavery in the United States
  • New York State’s role in Slavery and Jim Crow
  • Why the tax dollars of American citizens that didn’t own slaves tax dollars must be contributed to reparations
  • Civil Rights History
  • Sustainable repair for those harmed by American slavery
  • Financial Reparations

This discussion motivated ADOS AF NY Chapter leaders and members to strategically move forward with the following:

  • Building comprehensive Outreach and Media strategies that will
  • Increase brand awareness and recognition for ADOS AF and ADOS AF NY
  • Enable ADOS AF and ADOS AF NY to build relationships and directly work with local and state officials
  • Amplify the voice of ADOS AF and ADOS AF NY by establishing relationships with larger credible media entities

Full Video Here: