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the ADOS Advocacy Foundation

The American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) Advocacy Foundation is a grassroots organization that arose in response to a national landscape rife with yawning racialized gaps.

With an eye toward the origins of these asymmetrical outcomes located in the institution of slavery, our organization prioritizes reparations for descendants of chattel slavery in the United States of America.
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American Descendants of Slavery

Years of Oppression

ADOS has faced four hundred years of economic exploitation and exclusion.

Hours A Day

We work to strive for better material conditions for the ADOS community.

Days of Advocacy

We are working every day to advocate on behalf of ADOS families and community.

Do you need help crafting sound policy?

Political education is key

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At minimum, the Reparations package should prioritize cash payments to American Descendants of Slavery.

Black Agenda

An agenda to uplift Black America. We invite all people from all backgrounds to join this just cause.


Our newsroom is where you can stay up to date with our advocacy! Press releases and news articles are here.

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We appreciate your help. Any amount helps in supporting the fight for Reparations and a Black Agenda.

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